2CyberPower PRO series 3KVA pure sin rackmount(optional EBP)

Brand: Cyberpower
Model: PR3000ERTXL2U

On Order: ETA 22/09/2021

$3,248.68 incl. GST

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The rackmount UPS with Automatic Voltage Regulation to stabilise the AC power output for IT equipment. Designed for computer room and server room applications,the Professional Rackmount Series adopts line-interactive topology with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) function to offer stabilised AC power output with Pure Sine Wave to ensure high power quality. The UPSs output power factor is 1,which means it is capable of connecting to more critical loads than conventional UPS. It also features Battery Management Technology to help batteries obtain optimal life span by balancing battery string voltage. Two-phase battery charging can charge the battery quickly and safely. The hot-swappable battery packs allow for easy maintenance without power interruption.

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