Site issues

If you encounter anything unusual or dysfunctional on this site please let us know immediately and we will sort it out 


Please let us know if you dont like any particular feature of the website or would like to see something implemented which would make your trip a worthwhile experience. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority 

Do the prices include GST?

All the prices listed include GST of 15%

Do you charge for credit card use like other store?

No we do not charge you for using your credit card. We absorb the cost by our merchant to provide you with a safe and secure payment method

Dispatch times

All products are aimed to be sent out the same day

If you dont get a status change on your order please dont worry. 

Be assured that we are working on your order or its already been sent out. We complete orders in bulk as we have so many!!!

If theres any issues with the order such as stock and availability then we'll contact you ASAP. Very unlikely that it happens but it is possible

Do I have to make an account?

Yes you need to make an account before you purchase anything from the website. That is to ensure we have the correct details and can process your order quickly and safely. Alternatively you can contact us to put through an order

Item is out of stock

We try to have the stock updated quickly but sometimes there are delays. If for some reason you are in this situation, we will contact you ASAP to come to a solution. We will let you know when it will be back in stock if you are not happy with that we will offer you another similar priced product or a full refund.