PC Locs FUYL Tower 15

Brand: Pc Locs
Model: PCL-10204

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Intelligent Asset Management System that charges,stores,secures and manages assets for most mobile devices in 15 individually lockable compartments. Compatible & Efficient Charging. All 15 compartments are equipped with a power outlet and a 2.4 amp USB port,so you can charge almost any device,including: iPads,tablets,laptops,mobile phones,Chromebooks and more. Intelligent Remote Access. Once FUYL Towers are connected to the local network,via Ethernet or Wi-Fi,designated admins can view,access and manage Towers from different locations through the local management portal. Network Connected. An optional Network Kit vastly expands the data transfer capabilities of the FUYL Tower 15 through individual Ethernet connections to each compartment. The Network Kit allows IT Departments to install a network switch to the top of a Tower and connect devices from each bay to a network,making it possible to re-image devices remotely...

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