Custom Built Trailers

Over 40 years of experience in Light to Heavy engineering. Building custom trailers is only small part of what we can do

We use high quality trailer components sourced from reputable local suppliers.

Our steel is Australasian sourced from major local suppliers

The trailers we build are totally sealed preventing water from entering as its from the inside where rust starts not the outside.

We use Duragal or pre galvanised steel in our framework and axles. The trailers are not hot dipped galvanised.

Dont be put off by that. These wont rust like the homebuilt painted black steel trailers. 

The paint coating we use has high corrosion resistant properties while looking just liked hot dipped ones. The trailers last

Every trailer is custom. No two trailer has been the same. We dont have plans or costs for any trailer on hand. We specially design and quote every customer

Things like your load, dimensions, tie downs, decking material, wheels, deck height many other things can all be customized to how you want and need it. We help and discuss you through your requirements and queries 

Its your trailer, why would we make it to our liking!!!

We wont be beaten on price and quality!!! 

We have lots of positive feedback on TradeMe, feel free to check us out 

 Contact us for a quote on your dream trailer